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Coming Spring 2023

Green Chameleon

Keeping 101

This class will allow for reptile interaction and allows for personal reptiles to attend

This class offers insight on how to figure out the best pet for you, proper habitat set-up, how to save money, how to know when your pet is healthy, enrichment, training and more!

selective focus photography of crocodile_edited.jpg

Exotic Species Education

This will allow for some live reptile interaction

This class offers in depth education of more exotic species, how to handle them normally as well as for vet care, common training practices, behavior, as well as diet and habitat requirements. This is a great class  to take if you have interest in volunteering or working with larger reptiles.


Native Reptile Identification

This class will not offer live reptile interaction most of the time

This class is designed to teach all about the native species of reptiles and amphibians in the North Eastern United States. This includes identification between venomous and non-venomous species as well as proper identification when herping (searching and finding species of reptiles). You will learn what species are actually native to this area and about our endangered species and how to keep populations in good standing.

Image by Егор Камелев

Reptile Specific Classes

This class will have some live animal interaction

This class is great classes for kids! Have a child that obsessed with reptiles? Sign them up for this class to learn all about a grouping of reptiles such as snakes, lizards, tortoises, ect. and the similarities and differences between species, this will include anatomy, diet, natural habitat, behaviors and introductions to species that generally aren't talked about.

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