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We take in reptiles that can no longer be kept!

Even though we are not a rescue, we accept reptiles that cannot be cared for any longer. We will accept relinquished reptiles for any reason. All reptiles that are surrendered have the opportunity to be used in our educational programs.

Reptile Cove LLC will do everything to ensure that all reptiles that have come in our care, will receive the best care for the rest of their lives. Below you will find the steps to the relinguishing process as well as the forms.

Reptile Surrendering: About

Our Process

Fill Out Our Form

Our forms allow us to know as much information as possible to help keep the reptile happy and healthy. Please be as honest as possible, and if your reptile had been to the vet for any reason please contact your vet for their records.


Once recieved, reptiles go into quarantine for a minimun of 30 days. Druing this time they recieve a health evaluation, vet care, and any treatments needed.

Set an appointment

We like to scheulde an appointment for this proces, we can travel to some extent but it may take a few weeks for us to have availabilty if we have to travel.

Stay in touch

All reptiles that become a part of the Reptile Cove family will be posted on our instagram story. We will pictures of each reptile we recieve, and continue updates during their quarantine peroid.

Reptile Surrendering: Features
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