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How can you support our mission?

Reptile Cove is a reptile education company and needs the support of the community to continue to change how people view and interact with reptiles. We want to continue to grow and teach the community. One of the ways we plan to do this is by opening a reptile only zoo in the state of Pennsylvania. 

Some of the ways you can support us:

- Follow our social media platforms

- Recommend our services

- Take one of our classes

- Donate to us 

- Buy our merch

- Volunteer for us

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Our Donation Tracker

Reptile Cove has plans of becoming a future reptile only zoo in Pennsylvania that will offer education, fun and entertainment to everyone! In order to achieve this goal we will need a lot of land, which is going to take a lot of planning, hard work, and money. Any and all donations we receive will be used to open Reptile Cove's physical location!

Pictured to the left is our donation tracker which we will fill in as we receive donations! You can donate via our GoFundMe or our linktree! We truly appreciate any and all support we receive from you!

- The Reptile Cove Family

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Wanna be a part of the Reptile Cove Family?

We accept volunteers and interns!

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