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We Need Your Support!

Our mission is to change the negative perception that people have about reptiles. To do this, we need your help and support! We have many plans for the future of our company, we need help to make our dreams a reality. 

We hope to achieve these goals within the next 5 years. Our main 2 goals are:

  • Reptile Traveling Bus

    • So we can safely provide shows all year long​

  • Opening a Reptile Zoo in Pennsylvania.

    • We want the public to be able to visit us and our scaled friends! ​

Like what we stand for? Please support us! Some ways you can show your support that are 100% free:

  • Follow us on social media

  • Share our posts

  • Recommend our services

  • Leave us a review on facebook, yelp, or google (if you've had an experience with us).

  • Volunteer with us! (only available for events at this time)

  • Sign up for our email list 

Other ways to support us:

  • Donate towards our goals

  • Book with us

  • Take our class

  • Buy our products and merchandise!

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Wanna be a part of the Reptile Cove Family?

We accept volunteers and interns!

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