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Welcome to Reptile Cove! Our mission is to educate people about various species of reptiles and showcase how wonderful they can be! Reptile Cove is an educational reptile sanctuary, we take in unwanted reptiles and perform educational talks with live reptiles.


About Reptile Cove

Reptile Cove is a reptile education company based out of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our main focus is to teach people all about our scale friends and just how wonderful they can be! We offer hands-on experiences at birthday parties, school and community events, and soon we will have a location for people to come and tour!

Growing up our family had all kinds of pets; from your typical dogs, cats, and hamsters to your iguanas and Madagascar hissing cockroaches. I learned quickly that a lot of people were scared of reptiles and had a lot of misconceptions about them. It was in 10th Grade that I decided I was going to start my own business, and after completing an internship with American Alligators the idea of Reptile Cove was born. My families love for reptiles, and passion for teaching people all about these amazing creatures is what started all of this and we hope that you'll develop the same appreciation for them that we have!


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